Dorothy and her husband, Gary, are 20-year residents of the Avon Grove School District. As life-long educators, Dorothy and Gary easily recognized the high-quality education, supportive local community, and relative financial value that would be available to their family as Avon Grove School District residents. For those reasons, Dorothy and Gary chose to relocate to Landenberg, PA from Newark, DE with their three daughters, Jessica, Megan, and Sarah.  Megan (AGHS Class of 1999) and Sarah (AGHS Class of 2004) have both remained in the area, choosing to provide their own children the same high-quality educational opportunities and strong community ties offered in the Avon Grove School District. Dorothy and Gary are proud grandparents to 6 grandchildren, including a 2nd grader at Penn London Elementary School and an incoming 2019 PLE Kindergartener.
Professionally, Dorothy has over 30 years of experience working as a public educator. She began her career as a special education teacher and served in that capacity until starting a family. Dorothy chose to stay home with her children for nine years and pursed a Master of Counseling degree during that time. After obtaining her master’s degree, she returned to work in 1987 as an Educational Diagnostician at Wallace Wallin School in the Colonial School District. Dorothy remained with the Colonial School District for the next 27 years, securing her administrative certificate, completing an Ed.D. in Educational Innovation and Leadership, and ultimately advancing to appointment as the District Superintendent. During her employment with Colonial School District she also served as both an Assistant Principal (McCullough Elementary School) and Principal (Eisenberg Elementary School, McCullough Elementary School) before being appointed up to the District Office where she served from 2003-2014 as an Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent and finally, as Superintendent where she remained until her retirement in 2014.
Today, Dorothy continues her passion for public education. She serves as an educational consultant through the University of Delaware working with public school administrators in leadership coaching. Dorothy volunteers as a current and founding member of the Avon Grove Education Foundation. She also volunteers at Camp New Hope, a summer camp that services children grieving lost loved ones. Throughout the years, she has donated her time in countless other ways including serving as a CCD teacher for 13 years and working to raise funds and awareness for the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Association. 
In her free time, Dorothy enjoys cheering her grandchildren on from the sidelines of their multiple athletic events, gardening and walking the trails of the White Clay Creek.


Avon Grove residents believe Dorothy Linn, Ed.D. is the right choice for our schools.

I've had the pleasure of working with Dorothy Linn over the last 12 months starting the Avon Grove Education Foundation. Dorothy has proven to be exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects and nuances of a school district. She is open to listening to all ideas and using those to achieve workable conclusions. Dorothy will make a great representative for all of London Britain and Franklin Twps.
Dorothy has dedicated herself to students and public education for over 30 years. She understands how decisions made by the Board of Directors directly and indirectly impact the classroom. Her knowledge and dedication will serve the students and community of the Avon Grove School District well. Dorothy's insight, energy, and commitment will make her a fantastic school board member.

Dorothy has the high level of commitment and expertise necessary to help guide the Superintendent and administration to deliver a world-class education to our local students. She brings a wealth of experience as a former educator, administrator, and superintendent.  More important, she is the ethical and moral choice on the Region 1 ballot.
Patrick Walker
Former Avon Grove School Board Director
Bob Ruddy
Avon Grove Parent
Leslie Erb-Wallace
Avon Grove Education Foundation